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Other Rooms Available to Campus Groups

If you know of any campus space available to student groups that we have not listed here, please contact us at

St. George Campus

Federated Colleges

St. Michael's College

Recognized SMC groups can request rooms free of charge. Rooms are subject to availability. For more information regarding the bookable spaces please visit the following link: Facilities at St. Mike's

Booking requests and inquiries can be made through this Booking Inquiry Form



Trinity College

Trinity College has a small number of rooms available, with priority given to internal groups. Most rooms have fees.


Reservations Office

Victoria College

Victoria College offers room bookings at a discounted rate for recognized campus groups.


Maria Quiroz, Events Coordinator

Room Name Room Type Capacity
VC101 Electronic Lecture- benches 72
VC115 Electronic Lecture 80
VC206 across from chapel Electronic Lecture 57
VC211 next to Spanish Elect. Seminar / tables 32
VC212 near elevator Electronic Lecture 70
VC215 behind the chapel Elec Lect. tablet arms 86
VC304 Electronic Seminar tables 38
VC323 Electronic Seminar tables 140
NF003 Electronic Theatre 308
NF004 Electronic Tablet Arms 52
NF006 Electronic Tablet Arms 50
NF007 Electronic Tablet Arms 50
NF008 Electronic Seminar 24
NF009 Electronic Seminar 17
NF113 Tablet Arms-Electronic 66
NF119 Tablet Arms-Electronic 63
NF205 Electronic Boardroom 18
NF231 Seminar 22
NF235 Electronic Seminar 24
NF332 Electronic Seminar 20
EM 001 Electronic Seminar 164
EM 005 Seminar 20
EM 006 Seminar 24
EM105 Electronic Seminar Tables 20
EM108 Electronic Lecture 60
EM119 Large Lecture 100
EM205 Electronic Seminar Tables 14
EM302 Electronic Lecture 60
BC 20 Electronic Seminar 22
Pratt 304 (Seminar) 12
Pratt 306 (18 computers) Computer Lab 36 (2/comp)
Ned's Café café 80
Isabel Bader Theatre Electronic Lecture 500

Woodsworth College

Woodsworth College has a number of rooms available:

The Williams Waters Lounge
The Woodsworth Meeting Room
The Alex R. Waugh Courtyard

All spaces are only available for rental by Woodsworth College Staff, Rotman Commerce Staff, Woodsworth College Students Association, and Woodsworth Residence Clubs. Information about the specific rooms and the formal booking form can be found through the following link.

Woodsworth Residence Bookings


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Innis College

Many spaces in Innis College are available on a first-come first-served basis to Innis students.

Innis College student space

Room Name Room Type Capacity
IN112 Innis Town Hall- cinema/lecture hall : Innis Town Hall is a fully equipped cinema and is available for rentals on weekday evenings and weekends. Discounted rates apply to Innis student groups. 199
IN105 Innis Café complex - café seating area, rooftop patio, courtyard 80
IN222 Deluxe Screening room 39
IS115 The Events Room in the Innis Residence is a multi-use space available to Innis College students and residents, and can be booked in person at Innis Residence front desk.


Eyan Logan

New College

New College has a variety of rooms available free of charge to students. Student group bookings are handled by the New College Office of Residence and Student Life

Room Bookings and Conference Services at New College
Information for Non-New College Groups


New College Office of Residence and Student Life

Room Name Room Type Capacity
Westmore Hall
51A Chairs with wheels 27
51B Chairs with wheels 27
51C Chairs with wheels 36
52 Chairs with wheels 36
54A Chairs with wheels 18
54B Chairs with wheels 15
54C Chairs with wheels 24
54D Chairs with wheels 25
54E Chairs with wheels 25
54F Chairs with wheels 28
54G Chairs with wheels 28
Wilson Hall
2002 Seminar style 28
2007D Seminar style 30
2008 Seminar style 29

University College

University College offers various facilities at discounted rates for internal groups. Please note that some rooms are booked through different offices. More information can be found through the following link:

University College Facility Rentals

Room Name Room Type Capacity
UC240 meeting/lounge 15 meeting/40 reception
UC253* meeting 12
Alumni Lounge in the Janet Tupper Underwood Room (UNAVAILABLE due to construction) lounge 20
UC183 Croft Chapert House (UNAVAILABLE due to construction) boardroom 55 meeting/150 reception
UP100 A Front Room** meeting/lounge 40 meeting/60 reception
UP100 B Long Room** meeting/lounge 40 meeting/60 reception
UP103 Walden Room boardroom 25
Howard Ferguson Dining Hall*** dining 300 dining/500 reception

*UC253 is booked through the SDS office at
**The UP Front and Long rooms are NOT available Monday-Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30PM
***The Howard Ferguson Dining Hall can be booked through contacting

All the rooms above are booked through the college itself (see link above). Please note that UC Lit, below, is responsible for the Junior Common Room only.

Junior Common Room:
Vice President of UC Lit

Chestnut Conference Centre

Located adjacent to Nathan Philips Square, directly north of the city’s Financial District, Chestnut Conference Centre is in the heart of Toronto’s downtown core. With 12 unique meeting spaces over 20,000 square feet of space, the Chestnut Conference Centre is the ideal space to host a wide range of events, from breakfast meetings, working lunches, and executive training sessions, to multi-day conferences.

Chestnut Conference Centre

Conference & Catering Services Department


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Faculty of Music

MacMillan Theatre

The MacMillan Theatre was designed for the presentation of operas, concerts, recitals, large ensembles and lectures.

Rental information for MacMillan Theatre

Mary Ann Griffin, Concert Office Manager

(416) 978-0492

Walter Hall

Walter Hall was designed for chamber and solo recitals as well as lectures. The Hall seats 490 and contains two grand pianos.

Rental information for Walter Hall

Mary Ann Griffin, Concert Office Manager

(416) 978-0492

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Grad Room

Grad Room's Multi-Purpose Space is available for booking of your academic, social, and professional graduate student programming. Student groups, staff, and faculty in the University of Toronto graduate community may book Grad Room's Multi-Purpose Space free of charge from Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. A fee will apply for bookings outside of those hours and for external clients wishing to rent the space.

Booking information, policies and form for Grad Room

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Sidney Smith Lobby

The Sidney Smith Lobby can be booked by recognized student groups, student unions, course unions, departments/academic units and U of T offices.

Sidney Smith Lobby policies, availability, and booking instructions

Study Spaces in the Sidney Smith Commons

The Study Spaces in the Sidney Smith Commons can be booked by anyone who is affiliated with U of T for academic purposes only.

Study Spaces in the Sidney Smith Commons policies, availability, and booking instructions

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Athletic Centre

The Athletic Centre makes some of its facilities available to student booking, and offers discounted rates for student groups. For the most up to date information regarding the spaces and rental rates, please visit the link below:

Athletic Centre Facility Rentals

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University of Toronto Mississauga

The Student Centre is the preferred location for student organization activities at the University of Toronto Mississauga. If a suitable space is not available in the Student Centre, a University of Toronto Mississauga recognized group can submit a booking request form available on-line.

Student Group information and booking

Contact TMSU office (Room 101, Student Centre)

University of Toronto Scarborough

UTSC has a variety of spaces available for recognized campus groups, which are managed internally through an online booking system.

Guidelines for UTSC campus group bookings


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